Overcast Omen

Song Story:

The postmodern disintegration of personal identity marked the lack of expression of a system of values in societies. Personal perception became the only landmark of the individual. Such a sense of personal “honour and dignity” could be a path to a new humanism or a path to horrific perversions of a dictatorship based on the “conscience” of the supreme man.

Song Lyrics:

Will I find the romantic side
Of mist in the vanity
Silhouettes of insanity
Making history of simplicity
A crowd living in felicity

God endows light
My halo is dark
It’s not that I don’t have the love
But I am one of the wise
Of those deceived by the lies

In one I am convinced
It will be my strength minced
A foreigner to the world
I know its false paths
The powers, the aftermath

Friends in wit I know
No sentiments grow
On the earth skeletons roll
Dressed in flash
Dead into the crèche

No one could take my place
Immortal I am in this space
Extreme aggression is our weight

The blood will wash the ailment again
I blame although silent I may remain